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As a kid I was glued to the television. Dad watching classic black and white movies, mum a good tv soap. I loved a ‘who done it’ and was particularly fond of Poirot but I never dreamt I’d some day be working in the industry.

I studied Art & Design at College and then a BA in Textiles for my Degree so have always enjoyed being creative. After moving to London I realised I wanted to do something media related. That’s when I got into video production. 

I had to start again and with no education in films studies it meant learning on the job. I started out in a small video production company. It was office based to start, making call sheets and helping to organise shoot logistics.

During that time I met an amazing producer called Sheila Stirrat. She took me under her wing and became a truly amazing mentor. She got me running on shoots, making teas and coffee and watching and learning as I went.

It was when she founded her own production company and asked me to join her that my career really started to take off. 

It was a humble beginning; working out of her home office but we soon moved to a small studio in Putney. It was there that the magic happened, when I helped to set up what was to become my first edit suite. 

As soon as we started cutting in-house I was hooked. I realised that editing had this strange connection to textiles. Taking pieces of media and stitching them together, it all felt so strangely familiar but also so very different. That’s when I knew I wanted to become an editor.

I realised becoming an editor would take time, and a lot of patience. I watched and learned from several amazing editors kind enough to share knowledge and guidance along the way. 

Cut to some ten years later, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people on many brilliant projects and I feel blessed to be where I am now. The magic never stops.



2019 - Asda - 10s spot - AMV BBDO
2019 - No Room For Racism - Stadium Films - Premier League/FCB Internal
2019 - Women’s World Cup - Daily Highlights show - Copa 90
2019 - What3words - Marketing films
2019 - Argos - 30s Tactical ad - The & Partnership
2019 - This Works - Influencer social piece - 2 x 15s - Communication Store
2019 - Wella Professionals - 4 x 30s brand films - The & Partnership
2019 - Scania - Conference opener - Speedwagon Productions
2018 - Lurpak - social campaign - 1x 15" 4 x 6"spot - Leo Burnett
2018 - Real Techniques - launch film 15" 10, 6" spot - The Outfit
2018 - Facebook -  4x 1'30" films for Facebook stand at Davos Switzerland - Creature
2017 - Adidas online - Odelay Films
2017 - Hotpoint | Jamie Oliver - Internal film - Jamie Oliver Productions
2017 - Pears animation - Unilever
2017 - BT online film - This is Now
2017 - Samsung event opener - BMB
2017 - Nestle film - Casual Films
2017 - Editor - Guinness Meatopia - RGA
2017 - Editor - J2o pitch films - AMV BBDO
2017 - Bodyform Black Liner Facebook Live - Media Bounty
2017 - Luxardo pitch film -  Media Bounty
2017 - Editor - Colgate internal film  - Media Bounty
2017 - Nike VapoMax Vault Recap - RGA

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